Castagnari Handry 24 R

Castagnari Handry 24 R

Handry 24 R is a 3 rows accordion, 24 basses, 3 voices, equipped with high-range sound quality reeds (- Tipo a mano) . It is provided with 3 registers behind the keyboard and a chin switch register that allow 7 different sound effects on the right side and 5 registers on the left side.

Feel free, consult possibilities!


Right side characteristics :

  • Buttons: 34
  • Key: G/C/accidentals (consult systems or keys)
  • Voices: 3 (2 middle + 1 piccolo) quality Tipo a mano
  • Registers: 3 behind the keyboard and 1 chin switch, allowing 7 effects

Left side characteristics:

  • Basses: 24, mono-sonor or bi-sonor option
  • Voices: 2 (without chord 3ths), quality Tipo a mano
  • Registers: 5

Other characteristics:

  • Wood: Walnut or cherry wood (consult)
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Dimensions: 30 x 20cm

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